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Artist's Statement

My interdisciplinary practice is one of pastiche operations, blending the Western literary canon, contemporary American pop culture, and fictionalized autobiography.

I make performances, videos, sound pieces, texts, and sometimes other things, drawing on my background in theatrical adaptation, body-based performance art, clowning, and poetry writing and translation.

They are often about: the cult of celebrity and seemingly inevitable, fetishized public downfall; cyclical and inherited violence; the political underpinnings of pop culture; the contemporary reverberations of classical images; the experience of mental illness; the body's relationship to media; how to infuse an intimate, sensory experience into mediated cultural consumption; identity performance, gender, and the internet.

My most recent line of inquiry uses the classical Greek tragedies to explore both my personal traumas and our cultural consumption of celebrities, especially female pop stars and movie starlets. The downfall narratives we consume on a mass-media level reflect and inform a culture thinking aloud to itself about its socio-political issues.


Sid Branca was born Samantha Branca Cook in 1987 on Long Island, near the former site of Wardenclyffe Tower. She moved to Chicago in 2005 to attend the University of Chicago, and received her BA in Theater and Performance Studies in 2009. She is currently pursuing an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts & Media at Columbia College Chicago, and is a member of First Floor Theater, the College Art Association, and the New Media Caucus.