sid branca dot com // sid branca is an interdisciplinary artist, writer, & performer based in chicago, il.


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artist's statement & bio / online journal (this bed is a ship)

twitter / facebook / instagram / tumblr / sid [at]

videos: A Suppliant of Glamour / Hit / Inter

sounds: MURDERE$$ / What I Want demo / Polyneices 1.0 / Think About What You've Done / Fuck Yr Flowers (Give Me Yr $$$)

texts : Our Words / Better /

durational/installation performances: THE NEXT GREAT AMERICAN POP ICON WILL SPRING FULLY FORMED FROM THE HEAD OF ZEUS / Sarayeye / Radio Radio Radio /Little Ivory Fingers

performances (many of which also function as text pieces):

long-form: I Am Saying This Right Now / Little Ivory Fingers / Baradla / Death & the Deceivers

short-form: Advice for Foolish Men / Play for Six Millennia / Dream Women / Come && get it / Get off (the Internet) / A Taped Monologue / Your Mother's Back Yard/ Death & the Maiden / Beginner / City Girls / Romanzo / Our Lady of Lake Michigan (Wants to Sit in Your Lap) / Advice to My Mother / Plate Glass

theatrical design: The Distance to the Moon

performance collaboration: Unsuccessful Wrestling Techniques

installation: There is an avenue down which I go / Untitled (Birches)