Sid Branca is an interdisciplinary artist specializing in performance, video, sound, creative writing, and multimedia projects.

Her work blends pop culture and canonical literature (especially classical tragedies) with fictionalized autobiography exploring violence, sexuality, and mental illness in late capitalism.

She holds a degree in Theater & Performance from the University of Chicago, and will receive her MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts & Media from Columbia College Chicago in 2015.

She is based in Chicago, IL, and Los Angeles, CA.

She is a company member of First Floor Theater, a member of the New Media Caucus and College Art Association, and a contributing writer for Bad at Sports.

This website is currently under construction pending the release of the web-based multimedia project, Elektra Day - Last Nights, launching in May 2015. You can follow and support the project on Patreon here.


Here is some other stuff of mine you can look at in the meantime!

online journal (this bed is a ship)





A Suppliant of Glamour (video)

What I Want (Coda version) (song)

Hit (video)

MURDERE$$ (covers album)

Our Words (poem, The Midwesterner)

Inter (video, with Lauren Piper Caldwell & Tim Schaefer)

Better (play, produced by First Floor Theater)

some other sounds: Polyneices 1.0 / Think About What You've Done / Fuck Yr Flowers (Give Me Yr $$$)

some performances: Sarayeye / Radio Radio Radio / Play for Six Millennia / Dream Women / Come && get it / Get off (the Internet) / A Taped Monologue / Your Mother's Back Yard/ Death & the Maiden / Beginner / City Girls / Romanzo / Our Lady of Lake Michigan (Wants to Sit in Your Lap) / Advice to My Mother